Case Results

While the client was stopped they were violently struck from behind by a commercial company. Client sustained a lower back injury requiring surgery. The company was insured with AIG.
Client was rear-ended and pushed into the car in front, while traveling on Interstate 5, by an oil company’s vehicle. Injuries sustained in the lower back and were resolved by proper treatment.
A cement truck hydroplaned during a rain storm and struck the client’s car causing low back and neck injuries.
Client stopped abruptly due to a pedestrian jumping into the flow of traffic. Injuries to the neck and back were sustained after the client was struck by the vehicle behind them.
The client was stopped in traffic when a tractor/trailer failed to slow down in time colliding with the client who then struck the car in front of them, who also struck the car in front of them for a total of 4 vehicles involved in the accident. Multiple injuries to the neck, chest and hip were sustained.
The client sustained neck and lower back injuries due to a multiple car accident. The client’s car was struck after a vehicle hit the car behind them causing it to lunge forward and strike the client’s vehicle.
The client was a passenger in an accident where the vehicle was rear ended; injuries suffered to the mid and lower back as well as to the knee.
The client was struck on the passenger side of their vehicle after a car ran a stop sign in part from being impaired from a combination of controlled substances. Multiple injuries were sustained in various areas including both knees, neck, middle and upper back, with numbness in the left hand and fingers.
The client was stopped in traffic allowing other vehicles to merge into their lane when a car struck them from behind. Injuries suffered in the neck and back region, as well as displaced vertebrae.
The client was traveling on a highway when another car swerved into their lane and the two vehicles collided. The client suffered multiple injuries to the neck, head, back and thighs.
The client was driving along a road when a car traveling in the opposite direction began making a left turn directly in front of them. The client was unable to avoid the collision.
The client was traveling on a highway on their motorcycle when a wheel from another vehicle in oncoming traffic came off the axel and struck the client head on. The client was ejected from their motorcycle, flew over the handlebars and landed on the asphalt road.
The client was following a truck when it drifted along the center divider and struck another truck. This second truck lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic striking the client’s vehicle and caused it to drive off the road. Multiple injuries sustained including headaches, neck and low back pain, numbness and tingling in the fingers.
While traveling on a highway the client noticed there was a downed electric wire sparking in the road ahead of them. The client came to a stop but was then rear-ended by a car who failed to see the client’s vehicle stopped in front of them.
The client was rear-ended while stopped at a red light. Injuries suffered to the neck, back, shoulder and arm
The client and spouse were stopped at a light when they were struck from behind. The neck, back, shoulder and head all sustained injuries.
The client was attempting to cross the street when they noticed an oncoming car. As the client was waiting for the vehicle to pass they were struck from behind. The client suffered serious injuries to the shoulders, neck, knee, back and jaw.
The client was a passenger in a car where the tire blew out; causing the car to fish tail and eventually roll over several times. Paramedics treated the client at the scene and they were then taken to a nearby hospital. The client suffered multiple injuries including a fractured breast bone, fractured neck and back, and a punctured lung.